Online Cricket Manager

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Take charge of your own cricket club and develop its players in to world beaters. ARE YOU GAME?

About the Online Cricket Manager

OCM is a persistent browser based game wherein you take charge of a rusty club of cricket players and play against other real users managing other clubs.

As a manager you are responsible for the development of the players, setting match tactics and ensuring that the finances of the club are well balanced. Are you up for the challenge?

Your team will be initially made up for 20 players. Each player has various skill-sets represented in numbers that reflect on how they will perform in the game. Each player has the following attributes: Name, Age, Batting Style, Bowling Style, Front Foot, Back Foot, Line & Length, Variety, Fielding, Keeping, Strength, Speed, Form, Fame Fitness, and Rating. You will also need to pay your players some wages.

Your club will be playing in 2 leagues: 1 for One-Days and 1 for T20s. The One-Day games last for 50 overs and the T20 games last for 20 overs. It is your responsibility to set match orders in time for the games. The games are simulated and you will be able to see a streaming commentary of the results. Good luck!